iio Engine – An Interactive App Framework For HTML5

iio Engine is an application framework which allows you to create HTML5 applications. iio Engine comes with a feature-packed SDK, a debugger and a cross-platform development engine.

iio Engine is designed for speed and efficiency and meant to be as lightweight as possible, with no dependencies, weighing in at around 56KB. The framework also allows you to interface easily with the Box2D engine.

Layers CSS – A Lightweight, Unobtrusive, Style-Agnostic CSS Framework

Layers CSS is a CSS framework which allows you to build beautiful, fluid websites easily.

The framework comes with inbuilt CSS normalization, a fluid grid, layout tools, by default maintains native form styles, has no px definitions, no colors, no borders and no rounded definitions, and no dependencies at all.

Snap.svg – The JavaScript SVG Library For The Modern Web

Snap.svg is a JavaScript library which allows you to create interactive and scalable vector graphics easily.

Snap.svg allows you to manipulate SVGs with a simple jQuery-like API within modern browsers. The framework support latest SVG features like masking, clipping, patterns, full gradients, groups, and more.

While it is obvious Snap.svg can generate SVGs, the library can also work with SVGs generated from other sources like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or Sketch.

AbsurdJS – A JavaScript Library With Superpowers

AbsurdJS is a JavaScript library available for Node.js and the browser. It is meant to be used as an HTML and CSS preprocessor and includes a lot of mixins, a plugin architecture, dependency injection, templating and more.

With AbsurdJS, you can build web components quickly and easily. AbsurdJS weights in at 34KB minified and gzipped.

Math.js – An Extensive Math Library For JavaScript & Node.js

Math.js is an extensive Math library for JavaScript and Node.js which comes with an in-built expression parser which can perform computations on numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, and matrices.


  • Supports numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, strings, arrays, and matrices.
  • Is compatible with JavaScript’s built-in Math library.
  • Contains a flexible expression parser.
  • Supports chained operations.
  • Comes with a large set of built-in functions and constants.
  • Has no dependencies. Runs on any JavaScript engine.
  • Is easily extensible.

The whole library is very compact in size, weighing in at only 40KB minified & gzipped.

WinJS – The Windows Library For JavaScript By Microsoft

WinJS is a set of JavaScript toolkit which allows developers to develop applications using the web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

WinJS provides a set of controls for you to easily build your applications, with built-in support for touch, mouse, keyboard and accessibility. Among the various controls you can use within your applications are: listviews, flipviews, tooltips, ratings, timepickers, and more.

WinJS also has built in support for AJAX. templates and fragments. You can try out all the features in the online editor on the website.

CutJS – A Lightweight, Fast & Interactable 2D HTML5 Rendering Engine For Game Development

CutJS is a 2D HTML5 rendering engine for game developement which aims to make canvas drawing easier.

Using jQuery’s take on the DOM, CutJS presents your canvas application in a DOM-like tree structure and manages your application’s rendering cycles and click events.

CutJS has a simple API, is cross-platform and works on both desktop and mobile devices with modern browsers.

Nasty Icons – 45 Free Vector Icons To Spice Up Your Designs

Nasty Icons is a free vector icon pack consisting of 45 free vectors icons, which are ‘nasty’ themed.

The icon pack is free for personal use as well as commercial use. However to use the icon, you need to tweet about it to be able to use it.

nanobar.js – A Lightweight Progress Bars JavaScript Library

nanobar.js is a very lightweight JavaScript library which allows you to create top of the page progress bars similar to the one on the Youtube site.

It is very lightweight, weighing in at 730bytes gzipped and is dependency free. It works in all browsers, and starting with IE8+. It also provides a simple API to manipulate the progress of the progress bars.

Chance.js – A Utility Library To Generate Anything Random For JavaScript

Chance.js is a JavaScript library for generating random data, be it numbers, strings, boolean, etc. The library was written to alleviate the monotony of automated testing, which needed randomness.

However, you can use Chance.js for all your other random needs. Chance.js can generate random value for all the common data types like: bool, character, floating, integer, natural and string.

Chance.js can also generate random text like: paragraph, sentence, syllable and word. Check out the Chance.js website to get a full description of the various type of random data the library can generate. Below is a list of the different data type:

  • Text: paragraph, sentence, syllable, word.
  • Person: age, birthday, first, gender, last name, prefix.
  • Web: color, domain, email, fbid, google_analytics, hashtag, ip, ipv6, klout, tld, twitter.
  • Address: address, areacode, city, coordinates, latitude, longitude, phone, postal, province, radio, state, street, tv, zip.
  • Time: ampm, date, hammertime, hour, millisecond, minute, month, second, timestamp, year.
  • Finance: cc, cc_type, dollar, exp, exp_month, exp_year.