2012  has been a fantastic year for web development. I cannot even begin to describe how utterly fantastic 2012 has been for for the web. We’ve seen JavaScript become one of the most popular programming languages, we’ve seen the HTML5 specification completed, we’ve seen Responsive Web Design change the way we design websites and much much more.

As the year ended, every blog were churning out their best of posts, most of which were pretty fantastic. At Functionn however, we decided to do something different. We decided to invite some of the prominent writers from some very established blogs to talk to us and share their views of 2012 and beyond for web development.

So today, we will be joined by the following distinguished writers:

  • Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (@rauschma) – Editor of JavaScript Weekly & 2ality.com, maintains JS Central and organizes MunichJS. You can find out more about him at his personal blog http://rauschma.de/.
  • Alex R. Young (@alex_young & @dailyjs) – Editor-in-Chief Of DailyJS and usevim.com, founder of Helicoid, Software Engineer based in London.
  • Umut Muhaddisoglu – Editor Of WebResourcesDepot, Creator Of UptimeRobot and ioDeck
  • Ray Cheung – Editor Of WebAppers  and runs several other websites such as Photoshop Lady, Cutest Paw, Mobile Tuxedo and more.

We’ve asked them to answer a set of questions and provide us with their views on those matters. They have duly obliged and below, we’ve put together the answers below.

: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How has 2012 been to you? What have you been working on lately?

2012 has been a very productive year for me:

1. My JavaScript and web development blog, 2ality, is doing well. Several people who I greatly respect, have written kind testimonials for it.

I spoke at several great JavaScript-related conferences: Mix-IT Lyon, Fluent San Francisco, JSConf EU Berlin and dotJS Paris. There are two videos that you can check out: “Improving JavaScript” (Fluent) “JavaScript inheritance: beyond the basics” (JSConf EU)

O’Reilly has published “The Past, Present, and Future of JavaScript”, as a free mini-ebook (registration required).

I contributed articles to to the free digital magazine Appliness (“A closer look at Underscore templates” – among others) and to the Adobe Developer Connection (“Categorizing values in JavaScript”).

I’ve become editor of the popular free email newsletter JavaScript Weekly.

2. I’m Alex R. Young and I write and edit DailyJS.com and usevim.com. Throughout 2012 I’ve been writing about JavaScript, including a commercial book about Node.js for a well-known publisher.

I also have some eBooks in the works that you’ll see on DailyJS in 2013.

I work as a freelance Node, iOS, and Ruby consultant to pay the bills. In 2012 I worked for some interesting companies, large and small, mostly based in London England but a few from the US as well.

3. I’m a designer/developer from Istanbul who used to create web projects for customers but completely focused on my own projects since 6 years.

WebResourcesDepot is my main project, a website that shares the best resources for web designers/developers daily. I’m a fan of high-quality, ready-to-use resources, they save so much time and WebResourcesDepot is all about that.

Creating at least a new project each year was my target and that worked on 2012 as well. With a friend (Devrim Vardar), we have created ioDeck which currently a self-hosted PHP form generator application but will become more soon (like the ability to sending newsletters). We are working on it a lot.

I have probably spent most of my time on Uptime Robot this year. It is a totally free uptime monitoring service that runs since 3 years. It grew so much and to help it scale/perform better, I rewritten its engine with Node.js and about to activate it. Excited :).

To sum up, 2012 was quite busy and ended up teaching me quite nice stuff like co-partnering a project and Node.js.


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